2017 USPSA Area 3 (Crossfit) Championship

Well I’ve finally gotten time to watch my video and evaluate my first area match. As Jon put it before we even left the range “this isn’t a typical area match.” I knew I was fat, slow and less athletic than I was back when I was 16 and playing football and had an idea of what to expect. However, I didn’t expect what could be described as a crossfit event with guns. I got my ass kicked in so many ways and it reinforced the need for me to get into better shape if I want to actually shoot like I know I want to. I came back from the match with a better picture of what I need to do and a lot of stuff to break down and analyze over the next few weeks and months. I’m not going to break it down like I normally do, I’m just going to throw out what I’ve noticed over all.

First off, I’m not over the learning curve of the dot and not fully trusting it yet. I am definitely hitting the A’s and should be trusting it but I have to have more time in practice actually shooting the gun and pushing the speed to learn it like I need to. Slow down when I need to and let ‘er rip when I can. In my opinion I feel like I’m shooting a dot slower than irons but that is fully a trust issue right now. I think switching to a 3-MOA dot next year will be a good idea with my astigmatism. I also need to get back to a regular dry-fire routine since that has been lacking with family stuff getting in the way.

I need to work on my transitions…. BADLY on a couple of stages I did a pretty good job driving the gun then others seemed like you could have used a sun dial to time how long it took me. That will be a dry-fire issue working on getting the speed up on the wider transitions.

Movement… I’m slow and I know it. Stage 2 showed me I know how to walk and shoot at the same time. I was fairly efficient doing that, but getting my ass moving from point A to B was sloth like and what felt like a sprint at the time was actually not, and actually looks embarrassing to watch. I feel like I lost a lot of time on the stages on the long runs by not being able to sprint the distance. I am already slowly working on dropping the extra weight that I need to drop and adding some strength training to my daily routine but I need to start running and working on sprints and agility stuff as I do that. I need to find some bigger open areas to do it that I can use a plastic gun as well to be able to work on keeping it up and both hands on it for the short sprints and getting them back together as I’m decelerating on the longer runs.

GOALS!!! I came into this match without much of a goal other than shooting my match. I need to reevaluate goals, set new ones and hit it hard this fall and winter to get better for next year.

I was looking forward to comparing myself to others in this match since with Carry Optics I don’t get much of a chance to. I wanted to see how Paul Hyland did things since he is a Master in Carry Optics. There wasn’t much difference in what we did. He just did it faster for the most part. He was even helpful with stage plans when asked for his thoughts and they matched my idea for the most part. I shot the same percentage of points as he did before penalties and shot more A’s than him. Even with penalties we were pretty close. Time however was my losing point. Over the course of the match he shot it 80 seconds faster than me. The winner Doug Koenig shot it almost 90 seconds faster with about the same amount of points. So points is not my issue right now, its how fast I’m doing it. Time to trim down the low hanging fruit.


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