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Tried to be Productive


Today was Presidents Day so that meant I had the day off of work. I decided to get up and go to the range since I couldn’t go on Friday. I got there and got set up with a plan on doing about 4 different drills as a split session between the Production and Carry Optics guns. I started to blast away with the Production gun until I made it through my first set of mags and turned around to go fill them back up and saw another RSO out in the main room. After a brief conversation with him it was determined that he had invited some guests and I now had to share the range. We agreed I would use one target on lane 2 so I could have the table up so I could still draw and they would use the far other end of the range. Continue reading Tried to be Productive

.13 Splits? Umm Yeah….


So today I tagged along to the range with Jon and one of the new guys for his initial firearms training. I had the plan of qualifying on my Glock 19 that happens to be my EDC gun so I can have that as a carry option at work. I have shot about 600 rounds through the thing since I got it back in December and the only modifications I’ve made was a aftermarket connector. Until today the gun has run flawlessly. Today however it appears that it has acquired a connector issue and was running out some awesome split times although that wasn’t good since I wasn’t in control of them. I ended up leaving the gun with Jon to see if he can get it figured out. Otherwise I’ll just put the factory connector back in. Good thing we noticed it. Continue reading .13 Splits? Umm Yeah….

Dry-Fire: 2/22 – 2/27

This week I finally decided to suck it up and make an equipment change that may have been long over due. I have made the decision to switch from the VP9 and will be going with a Glock 17 once the local Blue Label Dealer gets to me on the waiting list. I know I could always go the gun shop and buy one but might as well try to get one cheaper. In the meantime I took my Continue reading Dry-Fire: 2/22 – 2/27