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2017 Great Plains Sectional Championship

This past weekend Jon, Tim and I loaded up into the Honda and took off down to the Great Plains Sectional Championship in Louisville, NE. Weather called for hot and sunny but just before our stage briefing on the first stage the sky opened up and it started to rain. It continued to rain for most of the morning and early afternoon. I went into this match with a goal of shooting Alphas and seeing my sights which seems to be a problem of mine lately as I have been apparently trying to shoot faster than my current ability. Continue reading 2017 Great Plains Sectional Championship

Match Review: April 23, 2017

I am finally getting to this. After the match on Sunday I made it home and started on a honey do list to try and beat the cold, rain and possible snow that is supposed to be coming our way this week. Last night consisted of much of the same trying to get the garden tilled so I can have fresh yummy vegetables to try and make myself less chunky as the summer progresses. Continue reading Match Review: April 23, 2017

April 2nd, ENPS Train Wreck

3qt3x7Well I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing this match over the last 2 days trying to decide how I actually feel about it. Leaving the match I felt OK for the most part since I went and accomplished the one main goal I set out to accomplish, I hit most the steel efficiently. I was far from going 1-for-1 but I was much better than a month ago. I did however seem to have forgotten to dial back my speed on paper and finished with too many penalties. There were some things outside of my control for this match and some that easily were within my control that I just didn’t execute. Those are the things I’ve been trying to analyze why I did what I did and the most I can come up with is I just wasn’t paying attention and not focused. The morning rain causing a late start and the targets not being out until we actually started shooting had a little to do with that since I couldn’t follow my typical match routine and had to just hone a plan in the 5 minutes before I shot. Continue reading April 2nd, ENPS Train Wreck

Match Break Down

Boy did I have some rust to shake off. I went down to the match feeling good about my progress that I felt I made over the winter and left with a few things I need to work on. The match was good and had a lot of shooters that are somewhat better than what I normally compete against so it was good to see. However, I’m still slow on my movement and saw some glaring mistakes on a few things from Jake Spoons video. Stage planning needs some work and I need to find some areas to make up time. But lets get into it shall we. Continue reading Match Break Down

New Training Gear!

Monday was the start of a new week for me to dry-fire and train. With that new week came my new toy and piece of training equipment. I finally pulled the trigger on an optic for my Glock 17 MOS that I picked up the beginning of October and got it mounted.


I picked up the Vortex Viper since it was cheap and has a good warranty on it. I also decided on going with a 6MOA dot vs the 3. The decision to go with a bigger dot was based on my preference. I shot a couple of different guns with 3MOA dots and they were nice but I felt that trying a 6 was more in my arena. From what I can tell it was the right choice for me. I ended up taking off the factory sights since they don’t co-witness and I also needed the rear off to get to the lock screws for the adjustment dials. Since its a competition gun I don’t necessarily foresee myself getting the sights to do it. Continue reading New Training Gear!

Match Summary September 4, 2016

It appears as if I have been absent for the past few weeks. I did get video posted from the August 21st match but didn’t really do much else with it. I took my first shot at Limited division for an entire match. Overall it was a great learning experience and found out how fast was too fast. I finished 14th overall and 6th of 20 in Limited. Without all the Mikes and No Shoots I would have been 6th overall and 2nd in Limited.  Continue reading Match Summary September 4, 2016

Match Review – 8/7/16

So I have been suffering a major case of burnout the fast couple of weeks. My training the last month had been minimal due to scheduling conflicts and pure lack of focus. Most of my trigger time the past couple of weeks has been on my department issue M&P with minimal on my G19 that I carry everyday. None has been spent on my G17. I entered the match on Sunday with a goal to shoot like I had been all year which is usually 80% of Jon in Production. Jon decided to show up and push like crazy to see the wheels fall off. He accomplished that and I ended up beating him. I did only manage to take 2nd place. The guy who beat me usually is about 10% behind me when he shows up. He either had a good match or I was just way the hell off. My guess is I was way off. I ended up shooting way too many C’s this match and it showed. Continue reading Match Review – 8/7/16