Since I haven’t really gone into detail as to what I’m using for gear I figured I would tell you here. Why the hell not tell you what I’m using and a little as to why I do, and why I like it. I’m not a sponsored shooter so I’m not here trying to sell any products so take my opinion for what its worth. Yes I did go with the “Gamer Gear” but why the hell not if I’m truly making a gun at being competitive in the sport.

IMG_0531.jpgProduction Gun Glock 17: This year I started using a Glock 17 as my primary production gun. I switched over from the M&P last season because I wanted something that “fit” me better. The M&P was a fine gun but I was borrowing it so if I was buying something I wanted something that I could dump 75,000+ rounds through it and not really care. The Glock has a good trigger and seems to have a bunch of industry support. That makes parts easier to find and they usually are cheap. The gun feels good in my hand and tracks well on targets. At this point its not the gun it’s the shooter, and it won’t be what’s holding me back. As for not going for the Glock 34 I really didn’t see the need for the additional length. Stippled the grip added some sights and a lighter connector and I was set to go.

IMG_0526.JPGLimited Gun Glock 22: I had an old Glock 22 laying around the house and I was bored. Plain and simple. But this was also part of the reason I went with the Glock 17. I was playing around with this and realized how much I do actually like Glocks. I stippled the grip and added some sights and a connector like I did with my Glock 17. For this one I did an undercut on the trigger guard and added the ZEV magwell for “faster reloads.”Plus side to this gun being the higher caliber clone of my Production Gun is that it will fit the same holster so there is no need for a second belt to drag around to matches to spend money on.

img_0150Carry Optics Gun Glock 17 MOS: I wanted to practice with a red dot optic on a competition gun and I figured I would continue to run a Glock. Why reinvent the training wheel and have to spend additional money on a belt, holster, and mag pouches. As for modifications to this gun I added and modified the ZEV heavy brass insert to fit the frame and hide while adding weight. I swapped out some of the trigger parts to match my production gun. I chose to undercut the trigger a bit and then did a Silicon Carbide grip job on the gun vs. stippling like the others. I topped it off with a Vortex Viper 6MOA optic. The gun shoots tighter than my current skill allows which is pretty sweet.


IMG_0541.jpgBelt & Holster: Last year when I started in the sport I picked up a Double Alpha outer and inner belt. With the Glocks I chose to run with a BladeTech holster and a B.O.S.S. hanger for it. Having a dedicated belt is nice because everything is where you put it each and every time. The B.O.S.S. is a nice thing to have as it allows for different adjustments of drop and angle and is make to work with the BladeTech holsters. BladeTech makes some nice solid kydex holsters that won’t fall apart with the repeated use and abuse that I put on things with all my dry-fire and live-fire training. It is capable of holding both my Production and Limited guns and if I ever get that wild thought in my mind to shoot Carry Optics it’s ready.

Ghost Mag Pouches: When I started using the Ghost pouches there was one simple reason… CHEAP. Plus they came in a package deal with the Double Alpha belt. The Ghost pouches have since allowed me to experiment with different angles and wether I wanted to carry bullets out or bullets forward. The pouches are fast and smooth for me. I played with them both bullets out and bullets forward, settling on the bullets out. For me bullets out is the most comfortable and it feels “faster.” In reality it’s what ever makes you feel groovy.

Dawson Precision Sights: It’s a simple fact that the factory sights on a Glock are awful. I started to use the Dawson Sights because they are what works with my preferred “sight picture.”

IMG_0543.jpgTTI Basepads: Are basepads necessary? Nope, but I like them. There are several different ones on the market out there but I went with the TTI’s for my limited mags. Once they were on there I liked how they attached to the mag and how they feel in my hand while doing reloads. When I was buying base pads for the Glock 17 I again went with the TTI’s. I like the added weight to the mag during mag changes and I also like the little bit of additional length that comes with them. I currently have the +4 on my Glock 17. They are the same length as the +0 pads but aren’t so heavy that you risk being bumped to Open.

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