Training Update: 1/25 to 1/30

This week I got back to full-time dry-fire after taking a week off then going part-time for a week to let my elbow rest. I am taking another run at the “Stuck in B Class” program that has been pretty good to me so far. The program is solid to begin with and it allows for minor customization. I’m still focusing on 30 minutes a day and I’m feeling good about my ability. During this stretch of training I’m going to focus on my one handed shooting. Continue reading Training Update: 1/25 to 1/30

Welcome to version 2.0

Welcome back to my page. Earlier in the week I was having continuous problems with the page saving/deleting drafts or not posting items at all. In my frustration I decided to delete and move onto 2.0. My plan is to continue to use this as a log of my training, matches and whatever else i feel like that is related to my shooting. In deleting I lost all my old posts. Don’t worry I didn’t go anywhere. Please be patient while I rebuild.