Checking In

Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything. With the audit for IACLEA Accreditation coming up soon I’ve been busy polishing up my part of the work. This involves a lot of time in front of the computer so when I get home its time to unplug. Family, dry-fire and a little TV is what I’ve been doing. I have made it to the range twice and had some good sessions. Continue reading Checking In

Match Review: April 23, 2017

I am finally getting to this. After the match on Sunday I made it home and started on a honey do list to try and beat the cold, rain and possible snow that is supposed to be coming our way this week. Last night consisted of much of the same trying to get the garden tilled so I can have fresh yummy vegetables to try and make myself less chunky as the summer progresses. Continue reading Match Review: April 23, 2017

Nothing Much

This week consisted of some minor hotel dry-fire through the week. I’ve really been focusing on partials and small targets. All seems to be going good with those but I really was drained for energy this week. I think it was a combination of being on the road training that caused me to sleep in a crappy hotel and eating like crap. Been playing with both my Production and Carry Optics guns and I’m really starting to enjoy the dot. I currently am planning on switching after Great Plains Section, but after the last match my fuck-it attitude has been playing with my head telling me to just switch now. Getting to Sundays match will hopefully fix it.

I didn’t get to the range on Friday morning since the wife needed me to watch the daycare kids so she could hit a doctors appointment in the morning and the winds were not going to cooperate so I loaded ammo and dry-fired. Will either hit the indoor range at 0500 on Friday or head out to Beacon in the afternoon this week.

Paper Plates and Partials

IMG_0451_Fotor.jpgThis week has consisted of a lot of dry-fire without a timer. I am trying to find a pace other than speed mode to shoot. I’m a far better shooter than the one I left Omaha as on Sunday. Once I took the timer away for anything other than a start beep I focused on partials, plate rack and popper targets and really focused on driving the gun and making sure I had a solid sight picture. I started to speed up a bit as I became more comfortable with it. Continue reading Paper Plates and Partials

April 2nd, ENPS Train Wreck

3qt3x7Well I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing this match over the last 2 days trying to decide how I actually feel about it. Leaving the match I felt OK for the most part since I went and accomplished the one main goal I set out to accomplish, I hit most the steel efficiently. I was far from going 1-for-1 but I was much better than a month ago. I did however seem to have forgotten to dial back my speed on paper and finished with too many penalties. There were some things outside of my control for this match and some that easily were within my control that I just didn’t execute. Those are the things I’ve been trying to analyze why I did what I did and the most I can come up with is I just wasn’t paying attention and not focused. The morning rain causing a late start and the targets not being out until we actually started shooting had a little to do with that since I couldn’t follow my typical match routine and had to just hone a plan in the 5 minutes before I shot. Continue reading April 2nd, ENPS Train Wreck

Up Before the Chickens

IMG_0428_FotorWhat do you do when you have to adult on range day? You get up at the crack of dawn and go anyway. Playing daddy daycare almost got in my way of practice but instead of letting it I was up at 5am and off to the range. Got everything set up and set forth on my plan.

I started off with some El Prez as a warm up. Hit a couple of Master Class runs but mostly high A’s due to me screwing up my reloads. I then moved on an did some runs with High Standards. My reloads were the low hanging fruit but the hits were not the greatest Continue reading Up Before the Chickens