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Well yesterday was the day they posted the updated classifications on the USPSA web page and I have officially made A-class. I was hoping to make Master and probably should have but yet again USPSA flagged a 100% score. They gave me my 98.7% this week since I filled out the form and am not sitting at 83%. I may only be classified as A-class for a week if they decide to give me the 100% next week. Continue reading A-Class…

Stand and Shoot? That’s EASY…


Well I can officially stand in one place and shoot a gun fairly fast and accurate… that is if I grip the gun like I’m supposed to. On Sunday I shot another classifier match with both my Carry Optics gun and then my Production gun. I originally planned on going with Carry Optics and PCC but after Omaha I decided to shoot Production. I felt it was more appropriate to do that for a couple of reasons. The first being that I wanted to try and get myself out of B-class since as of last week I’m 4th in the country for Production B. The second was primarily due to the fact that while yes playing with a PCC is fun, it is kind of like cheating. I have set up various classifiers periodically in practice over the past few months just as a test to see a baseline with my various guns to measure improvement. with the PCC I can hit a lot of M and GM times with it and if I’m going to make Master I wanted to do it with a pistol first. Continue reading Stand and Shoot? That’s EASY…

Busy Busy

So I’ve kind of been neglecting my writing stuff down lately. My schedule has been pretty busy with assisting on the in-laws farm, work and working with my daughter on her softball skills its been leaving me just enough time for myself to dry-fire/live-fire or to write on this thing. Well playing with my guns wins over this. I tried to put my match video together like I normally do while using my phone and iMovie at my daughters practice the other night and failed miserably at it so it may not get posted this time. Continue reading Busy Busy

Too Early to Call….

Here I sit waiting on classifier updates to make it official and I realized I haven’t done a review yet. Basically watching the video speaks for itself. Yes I still have a belly that hangs over my belt so I don’t look as awesome as I think I should look but it is what it is and I’m trying but shitty food is sooooo delicious. Ultimately going into this match my mental game was on point. I just shot it to my ability and didn’t feel any jitters or pressure to perform. I just knew what I had to do and executed it because I told myself that I was at least A-class and this match was just proof. Continue reading Too Early to Call….

Checking In

Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything. With the audit for IACLEA Accreditation coming up soon I’ve been busy polishing up my part of the work. This involves a lot of time in front of the computer so when I get home its time to unplug. Family, dry-fire and a little TV is what I’ve been doing. I have made it to the range twice and had some good sessions. Continue reading Checking In

Match Review: April 23, 2017

I am finally getting to this. After the match on Sunday I made it home and started on a honey do list to try and beat the cold, rain and possible snow that is supposed to be coming our way this week. Last night consisted of much of the same trying to get the garden tilled so I can have fresh yummy vegetables to try and make myself less chunky as the summer progresses. Continue reading Match Review: April 23, 2017

Nothing Much

This week consisted of some minor hotel dry-fire through the week. I’ve really been focusing on partials and small targets. All seems to be going good with those but I really was drained for energy this week. I think it was a combination of being on the road training that caused me to sleep in a crappy hotel and eating like crap. Been playing with both my Production and Carry Optics guns and I’m really starting to enjoy the dot. I currently am planning on switching after Great Plains Section, but after the last match my fuck-it attitude has been playing with my head telling me to just switch now. Getting to Sundays match will hopefully fix it.

I didn’t get to the range on Friday morning since the wife needed me to watch the daycare kids so she could hit a doctors appointment in the morning and the winds were not going to cooperate so I loaded ammo and dry-fired. Will either hit the indoor range at 0500 on Friday or head out to Beacon in the afternoon this week.